The Secret to the Keogh’s Gobbler Sandwich


  • Lightly toast the wholegrain sourdough bread in the toaster, allow to cool and line up all your ingredients to form your post-Christmas leftover production line.

  • Spread butter and mayo on the bread.
  • Top one slice with turkey spread with cranberry then stuffing. Drizzle with gravy.
  • Top the other slice with brown turkey, thinly sliced lettuce, then the ham sprinkled with the sticky bits of ham. Place very thinly cut cheese on top.
  • Quickly flip the ham side of your sandwich top of your turkey stuffing side. Use toothpicks to secure.

  • Get a sandwich knife and cut into two even halves.
  • Serve with Keogh’s Limited Edition Turkey & Secret Stuffing crisps.

  • Keogh-ho-ho Enjoy!


  • Two slices of wholemeal sourdough chunky bread
  • Very finely chopped lettuce
  • Turkey 80% breast 20% thigh
  • A big slice of ham plus a few of the glazed sticky bits
  • Mum’s Bread stuffing
  • Irish Farmhouse White Cheddar very thinly sliced
  • Full fat mayo
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Left over gravy
  • Toothpicks as required