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    Why not take the journey to trace your bag of chips to the potato field it came from, meet the person who cooked them, and even meet your local flavour makers along the way!

    Simply turn your pack over & check out our Spud Nav!

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    Where did my crisps grow?

    Step 1: Select a field below...


    Variety Grown: Lady Rosetta

    52.394788222162504, -6.4063609785416284


    Variety Grown: Lady Rosetta

    53.53511234983744, -6.379673419527477


    Malahide also known as Mullach Íde in Irish looks out on the Irish sea, because this field gets the sea air which means we can grow early crops here!. We grow Lady Claire, Lady Rosetta, Taurus, Edony potatoes in this field which are a perfect potato variety for making crisps out of!

    53.43014260468753, -6.161375741008645


    Variety Grown: Kiebitz

    53.527188, -6.290635

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