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Who Cooked My Crisps


“I’ve been working here for over 3 years and my favourite job is packing the crisps as they come straight off the line”


“I’ve been here a long time and with that comes a lot of experience on what it takes to make a good crisp”


“I’m new here but already my favourite flavour is Shamrock & Sour Cream”


“I look after all the quality tests in the lab to make sure the crisps are the best quality they can be”


“Even though my brother Gregor works in the factory as well – I reckon I still make a better crisp!”


“I live just around the corner from the farm and also help out at some of the shows - make sure to say hello if you spot me!”


“As Manager I make sure everyone is working hard to make a great quality crisp in every flavour!”


“I just became a dad but I still find time to make some crisps – my favourite flavour is the Atlantic Sea Salt & Irish Cider Vinegar flavour”


“I keep everyone on their toes and make sure you guys get to taste the best crisp we can make!”